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Pet Boarding Available April 2019

Spaces are limited - Reserve Early!

Pet boarding options include standard 4 x 4 indoor kennels,  4 x 4 kennels with 4 x 6 outdoor runs and traditioanl crate style boarding. 

All kennels/Crates include bedding, water/food dishes, toys.

Each pet receives individual attention, outdoor play in fenced in area with like-sized dogs (weather permitting) and, for those pets who do not enjoy canine companionship we offer alone playtime and/or outdoor walks. 

Our fees are all-inclusive, there is no additional fees for admistering medications, treats, taking your pet for a walk or spending extra time with them if they seem like they need a little extra attendtion. 

Each Pet must be up to date on vaccinations*, be human friendly and have a completed application on file prior to his/her first stay. We also requre each pet to wear a flat-buckle collar (no spikes/chock/chain, etc) and to remain on lead until hand-off. 


Please brind your pets food in labled containers (we prefer single serving packets for the number of days your pet will be staying with us plus extra to cover unexpected delays. We provide grain-free treats several times a day.


Pets must have a minimun of up-to-date rabies, kennel cough and distember/parvo vaccines. Must also have a negative stool sample within the last 12 months. NO flea/tick product should be administered within 48 hours of your pets stay!

Instead of brining your pets favorte toy or blanket which has the possiblity to be destroyed or misplaced we encouage you to bing an old t-shirt or towel with his human scent - we find this helps ease any anxiety pets might have in a new setting.



Daycare Options will be coming in the near future for those who are interested in this service!