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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our puppy buying process and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to vtgoldretrievers@aol.com 


Do You Keep A Waiting List?

Yes, we keep a list of prospective parents. Anyone interested in a pup should email us a bit about themselves and their family to be placed on the list. Once a litter is confirmed we send out an email to everyone on the list with the details, and let them know once the pups arrive.


Am I Obligated to purchase a pup if I'm on the list?

No, Being on the list does not place you under any obligation, you are free to remove yourself from the list at any time.


How Do I Secure A Pup from one of your litters?

We accept ONE deposit per sex prior to birth. The $400 deposit allows us to "hold" a pup for you at birth based on a desired physical trait such as largest male, first born, biggest female, etc. The remaining pups are usually chosen from photos and descriptions. You are, of coarse, free to swap to any other unclaimed pup at any time, but we caution the pups usaully go very quickly, sometimes as fast as 48 hours after birth. We usually do not accept a deposit until a litter is confirmed but work with parents wanting to garuntee a spot from a future litter. 


What If I Change My Mind?

Puppy deposits are not refundalbe unless we cannot provide the puppy as promised.


Can I visit my puppy in person?

Becasue all our pups are born and raised in the home we do not allow outside visitors during late pregnancy and puppy raising to protect the pups and avoid putting undue stresss on the moms. Any pups remaining unclaimed closer to pickup time can be visited in person.


What Happens Once I Pick A Pup and Place My Depost?

Once we have received the depoist we mark the pup as clamed and add your name below his/her photo. Each week we send out an email letting you know what is hapening with the litter, what milestornes the pups have made and how the pups are progressing. We also change the pups photos regualrly on the website you and your family can track his/her progess from birth. 


Will My Pet Be AKC Registered?

We register each litter prior to the pups going home. Each new parent will be given the registration forms in his/her new puppy packet. We ask that they be mailed in (or submitted online) within six months of purchase.

IMPORTANT - PUPS are sold on an AKC pet registraton basis. Full (breeding rights) registration is on an individual basis and includes and additional fee.


Will my pet be Microchipped?

We encourge everyone to microchip their pet but encourge you to wait until you pet is a bit older and can handle the larger size needle.


How Soon Can My Pet Come Home?

Once a litter is born we list a go-home or pickup date for the litter. Pups should be 8 weeks of age before going home.  While they wean from mom prior to 8 weeks they continue to learn from their litter mates and mom until they go home. A puppy removed from it's parents too soon can have unwanted behavior issues such as seperation anxiety and/or being too nippy.


Will My Pup See A Vet?

Yes - all pups go home dewormed and are seen by our own vetranarian to ensure the are healthy and ready for their new homes. IF they are at least eight weeks of age he/she will also recevie their first shot. However, pleaase remember that a new puppy reguires a seriers of vacciantaon between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks- you and your vet will need to decide on which ones are right for your pet.


Do you offer any kind of Contract or Health Garuntee? 

All pups regure a written contact which also includes our health garuntee. In addition we offer a lifetime of support and are always here to help you find a new home for your pet in the unlikely event you can no longer care for him/her for any reason.


What will I need to have on hand when my pup comes home?

We send each pup home with a puppy care pack that includes their paperwork, samples, and infromation to get pup off to a good start.

We recommend you have on hand a leash (bring with you at pickup). Food and water bowls, metal preferred. A gate if you plan to confine pup to one room at first, some sturdy chew toys,  supply of puppy food (we feed Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy) and a crate for housebreaking/potty training - either a small one to start or one that can be made smaller as pup should have only enough room to sit/stand comfortablely and lie down, otherwise he/she my "go" in the corner of the crate. We also recommend lots of chew sticks such as Bully sticks.

There are LOTS of other things you CAN buy, such as cute cloting and an endless supply of toys - but it doesnt mean you have to buy them - the basics and your love is all puppy needs to get off to a great start!