VT Goldens

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Pickup Information



What does my puppy eat? Purina Pro Plan LARGE breed Puppy food (black/blue bag). Can purchase at PetSmart or online thru Amazon or Chewy.com


What Should I have on Hand? We suggest at a minimum food & water dished (metal), food, chew toy and snuggle toy, CRATE, soft bed. (Please see out website for recommended bed – you will save a lot of money over time!)


Will My Puppy Have Any Vaccinations? Yes – unless you tell us NOT TO you pup will be cleared by a licensed vet prior to going home and will receive his/her first Parvo and Distemper vaccination. He/she will also be wormed 3-4 times. (Your vet may want to do another round – it won’t hurt your pup).


What Should I bring At Pickup? A collar and leash, a crate if you are alone of have along ride and water if traveling over 2 hours so pup can take a potty break/get a drink.


Can My Kids Come – Of Course!! We love to see them with the puppies. Please not that we try to keep some of the adult dogs tucked away to keep down the commotion at pickup -- but there will still be excited adult dogs so please let kids know that raising their arms up over their heads, running, etc can be seen as an invitation to jump.


Can I bring my Pet – We ask that you leave your pet at home, both to keep things as calm as possible and to focus on your new family member.


What about final payment? PLEASE bring cash at pickup, we cannot accept checks. If you prefer, or must pay by check please send it to be received no later than next Wednesday – August 14.


How Do I Find You? The GPS address is the same as that on our website. We recommend you also write down the number in case you get lost.


Pick Up Dates???  Puppies can be picked up the weekend of July 23-25 at the following times


Friday Evening between 5:30 PM and 8PM  Saturday between 9:30 AM and Noon 

Sunday between 10AM and 2PM

PLEASE send your preferred time(s) ASAP – need another? Let us know!


Does My Pup Come Home With Anything? Yes, pups will go home with a copy of his/her AKCk Pet paperwork, Contract/Guarantee, Puppy Packet of information, samples/food and litter scented blanket.


Where’s the Contract – We will be sending it out to you shortly, please watch for it.


Did we miss something? Please ask!!