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Giving Up A Golden

Having to give up a pet is never easy. We understand! But when circumstances change and you can no longer provide the loving home your pet deserves we are happy to try and make the trasistion easier for everyone, including you pet.

To Start - Please use the contact form on our site or send an email to vtgoldenretrievers@aol.com - please provide as much information about your situation and your pet as possible.

Please provide the basics - Your name and situation, your dogs name, age, temperament, spay/neutered? And any medical issues.

Add additional information if possible - example, I have to rehome my dog now,  my dog loves kids, he/she does not like other pets, has a chronic condition, etc.

We do not judge! There are no automatics disqualifications! We do not require a surrender fee!

WE DON'T turn away dogs that are not spayed/nurtured, we do not turn away dogs that might have a medical issue - or those that might need some additional training. We ask for this information to help us better prepare for the pets arrival so that it can be as stress free as possible.

WE WILL treat you and your family with the dignity you deserve and promise that your dog will be matched with the perfect forever home 

While we wish we could help every dog in need of a new home at this time our focus is on Golden Retrievers. If you or someone you know needs surrender a pet please do not hesitate to contact us!